The Benefits of National Recognition for Your Playground: Why Build a Playground to National Demonstration Site Standards

Playcore’s Center for Outreach, Research and Education leads the National Demonstration Site (NDS) network, a collective of playgrounds that demonstrate the best in class standards that meet the requirements necessary to earn one of the five National Demonstration Site designations. 

Playgrounds that demonstrate these standards see many benefits for their park space and overall design including:

  • National Recognition. Every playground built to NDS standards earns a plaque to showcase the leadership exemplified in the park design, giving local communities trust in the quality of the design and play in the park. NDS playgrounds are also listed publicly on the NDS website.
  • Demonstrated Leadership. Playgrounds following NDS standards are proven to be leaders in the industry, following best practice design specifications to encourage safe play that facilitates growth.
  • Best in Class Equipment. In meeting the NDS requirements, these playgrounds are using market leading equipment to encourage movement for all ages, all abilities, demonstrating a clear commitment to helping communities have more fun together.

We’ve helped communities in towns and cities across Canada build playgrounds that ‘lead the way to play’, by adhering to these established standards in Inclusive Play, Nature Based Play, Trail Based Play, Youth Fitness and Activity and Adult Fitness.

Connect with us to learn more about the NDS program or get started on your nationally recognized design.