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We offer a number of options for all your creative playground needs. We can outfit the playground with our standard equipment, or we can take a fully customized approach and manufacture the equipment to fit with the vision or theme of the space. We can also offer a hybrid combination of both standard and custom.

We cater to all budget and site sizes taking into account he needs of the community all our play space are fully accessible.

We are the go to company that can offer you everything from the small pocket park to the full custom designed theme destination park.

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When it comes to your vision of a dream playground, we are the leader in custom playground design and can recreate you vision to perfection with our playground equipment, you are only held back by your imagination!

We are the go to company for safe, durable, innovative and accessible playground equipment in Canada. Our stunning designs and expert engineering ensure that every piece of equipment and form we build inspires the imagination of all the children that use your playground, no matter the age. We can outfit the playground with our standard equipment or we can take a fully customized approach and will manufacture custom equipment to fit the vision and theme of the space.

As an option you can also go with the Hybrid approach which uses a combination of both standard and custom equipment. The options are unlimited, allowing us to create a truly customised play space that will suit your specific needs and requirements. We work with all budget sizes, so no budget is too small for us. We help clients and communities who have a need for a small playground or playspace to municipalities that need a fully custom designed themes Destination Park.

We put the same amount of love and effort in to every job., no matter the size, you get the same amount of love, dedication and service from our truly dedicated team. We can accommodate any site size and we ensure all of our creative play spaces are fully accessible for all kids. Our satisfied clientele includes parent advisory committee members, municipalities, landscape architects and school advisory board.

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