The Year Ahead: Top Trends in Park and Playground Design for 2020

With the new year underway, we’re looking ahead to the top trends we see leading the way for 2020.

There are so many ways to play, here are the key themes we see continuing to grow this year:

Inclusive Play – We work with a lot of clients who want to create a playground that’s more than just “accessible” but is inclusive of all abilities. From grounding a playground in wheelchair-friendly surfacing to utilizing equipment designed specifically to facilitate play without barriers, like roller slides or the Rock N Raft, inclusive playgrounds create seamless play for every body.

Barrier-Free Playground in Red Deer, Alberta

All Ages – Creating a play space designed for all ages to have fun together not only helps facilitate fun memories but brings communities closer together, giving opportunity for every generation to move and play. This can range from integrating equipment designed specifically for older adults to creating more seating and gathering spaces or bringing more collaborative play equipment, like the always-popular Expression Swings, to the space. Dr. Stuart Brown said it best: “We never, even as adults, lose the joy of movement.”

“We never, even as adults, lose the joy of movement.”

Dr. Stuart Brown

Sustainability/Recycled Products – Recycled park and playground pieces are becoming increasingly more and more popular, with an ever-growing variety to choose from. Ranging from recycled rubber playground surfacing to integrating more recycle and compost bins into a park or choosing benches made of recycled plastic, there’s an ever-growing variety of ways to make sustainable choices in overall park planning. 

Themed Playgrounds – Nature or community-driven themed playgrounds or parks are becoming an increasingly favoured way to pay tribute to the roots of the space, the purpose of the park or the history of the community. We’ve helped build memorial parks for families, playgrounds based on historical figures in a community and even fitness parks like the Conner Lukan Fitness Park, in tribute to the former Humboldt Broncos hockey player.

The Gasper Family Splash Park in Rosetown, SK

Adult FitnessA recent study shows that the majority of us are likely to prefer working out outdoors, rather than inside and fitness parks are a great way to encourage this. Whether integrating one or two elements like Floating Boards or Agility Pods, or creating a fully dedicated system of outdoor fitness equipment, creating a space for adults and older children to move more and meet their fitness goals continues to grow as an element of overall park planning.

Agility Pods Fitness Playground Equipment in Calgary, AB

It’s a fresh year full of fresh ideas. With so many options, the possibilities for your park or playground are seemingly endless – we can’t wait to see what we can build together!

Not sure where to start? Need some help deciding which pieces fit best for you? We’ve got you. Drop us a line and let’s talk.