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Planning a playground is an important task with a lot of information to consider before you start. No matter what the size, budget, or needs of your project are, Park N Play can deliver the safe integrated play space solution that you need for your community's epic adventure.

Whether it be a traditional playground, water park, nature park or social gathering area can be a confusing and difficult task. We believe in making this process almost effortless and enjoyable for our customers.

We believe in hands on personalized service for every project and we treat our new projects with the same excitement and enthusiasm we did with our first!

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Installation, Planning & Funding Resources

Because budgets and needs are different, you may want to consider all installation options before beginning your project. Park N Play Design is recognized as the top Canadian supplier for indoor & outdoor custom playspace designs of creative theme playgrounds and unique water parks allowing children to climb, swing, run, explore, and play all day.

There are 2 main installation options available to you:

Supervised Installations
With this option, your group would install the playground under the direct supervision of a GameTime certified installer. This option provides our customers with hands-on experience while fostering a sense of community and ownership. Park N Play provides all the necessary tools you will need to install your play equipment and will ensure the equipment is installed to CSA specifications.

Turn Key, Fully Certified Installations
This is the easiest and fastest way to have your equipment installed. Certified installers can handle the site work, surfacing and all other aspects of your installation. This guarantees your play equipment will be installed to CSA specifications and will ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Our fully certified installers create a turnkey solution for providing the safest and most cost-effective activity centers for kids of all ages, schools, municipal & public parks, and even pet-friendly dog parks.

We use only the best interactive playground equipment, slides, tunnels, climbing rocks, monkey bars, plus shelters and benches for parents to relax and supervise the fun.

Industry Involvement

We are proud members of the following professional associations across Canada:

Building a Playground Case Study: Borden Park

The City of Edmonton was looking to partner with an exceptional playground equipment company to create a special, creative, playground that celebrated the rich history of Borden Park as part of an ongoing revitalization project. A request for proposal was sent out to a select group of companies. The budget was already set, and the selection criteria were based on the creativity of the design.

At Park N Play, we were inspired by the history of Borden park. In our research, we discovered that Borden Park was conceived in the early 1900’s as a destination for family events, attractions, and fairground activities. It was the location of the first roller coaster in the area, one of Edmonton’s first 3 public swimming pools, and the original city zoo. A replica of the original carousel from Borden Park has been installed as part of Fort Edmonton Park.


parkIn The 1950’s, a revitalization project was undertaken to improve the park. A new public pool and a new band shell were added, both of which are still present today. Upcoming development in the park includes an award winning Natural Swimming Experience, to be completed in 2017, along with many other exciting features. Borden Park is also home to some of the oldest trees in Edmonton.

Upon learning about the history of Borden Park, Shelley Robinson from Park N Play, contacted the Gametime art department to discuss the possibility of incorporating some of the unique features and history of the park in to playground equipment.

casestudy-park2 borden case study

With the roller coaster as inspiration, Shelley and Gametime designed slides and climbers to mimic the up and down travel path that the riders would have experienced. The tot area of the playground recalls the types of animals that would have been found in the zoo during the first half of the 20th century. Gametime incorporated a large central tree structure to celebrate the different styles of play that kids would have experienced in the early 1900’s. These include tree climbing, slides, and exploring the woods. In an effort to integrate the structure in to the surroundings, samples of bark were taken from the trees in the park so that the unique bark features, including depth and colour would match the mature trees on site. Borden Park’s playground is considered one of the top 10 playgrounds in Edmonton, and in Canada. The equipment installed on site has been used as a training example for people from all parts of the park and playground industry

For over 100 years, Borden Park has been an important outdoor venue for Edmontonians. With Park N Play’s help and the City of Edmonton’s continued vision, it will be an incredible destination for years to come.