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Borden Park


Built in 2013, this ode to Canadiana looks like something out of a woodland-themed storybook. With a climber built around two giant tree trunks, kids can run up, over and through the hulking structure. Carved wooden bears, snakes and monkeys will greet eager fun seekers. A second climbing structure is modelled after a roller coaster and includes tummy-turning dips to climb up and slide down.

Bonnie Doon Community League Park Playground


If you have a little one whose playground specialty is climbing, this Bonnie Doon community playground is a must-visit. With curved green and blue bars sloping every which way, it provides a fun adventure for your little monkey. Various rock climbing walls will challenge even the most seasoned climbers, and tall hanging hoops (picture the rings of Saturn) are fun for swinging. A wood chip base helps cushion any climbing incidents.

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